Group Meetings

About Our Support Groups

At Katy's Kids we believe that:

  • Grief is a natural reaction to death;
  • Each individual has a natural capacity to heal from loss;
  • Duration and intensity of grief are unique to each individual; and
  • Caring and acceptance to assist in the healing process is key.

Katy's Kids is a peer support group program for grieving children, teens and their families. We meet currently at the Children's Museum of The East End located on the Bridgehampton Turnpike on the first and third Wednesday of each month. We meet at 5:45, and finish up at 7:30.

The program is free of charge. We are serve children and teens from ages 3-18. We plan to grow the program over time and will be adding additional opportunities for children to participate in the near future.

What do we do?

Typically, the children's group plays for a while, and then we provide an informal dinner from about 6:00 to 6:30. At that time, the children go into a group opportunity, and the care giver in attendance joins the adults who have also had a loss. It is very low key. Both groups are with trained volunteers and professionals. The kids introduce themselves and do an activity, and usually some sort of craft or project, then there is some closure, and an opportunity for more play, and then we wrap it up. The care givers have a facilitator, and get help and support for themselves, and the child or children they are there with.

Teens meet together separately and have opportunities to connect with others who can help them in their grief process.

We can provide resources, such as videos or books, and also, the adults there share their experiences, which are often similar, and they can provide support and advice. Sometimes we have a birthday celebration if we know in advance about a child's birthday. The kids love that! A big part of it, really, is to know others have similar experiences, and can help. For the kids, it is just powerful to know that other kids have had a loss too. They do not feel so different from others, and they no longer feel so alone. They very often become fast friends when they join the group.

We welcome any further questions! We would be happy to have anyone who needs support attend. Be sure to check out the resources we have on this site!

We are Dougy Center trained. The Dougy Center is the National Center for Grieving Children and Families.

Getting Started

We have found the following steps helpful in getting to know your needs and concerns.

1. A parent or guardian calls 631.725.7437 or email us at and we take basic information about your family and the person who died. We will schedule a visit to Katy's Kids. Your questions about what we do can be answered at that time. If you need advice about grieving children or children or teens, a program staff person will talk with you.

2. You will receive application forms, and we will explain everything at this time.

3. You begin to attend and receive support.

P.O. Box 3251 | Sag Harbor, NY 11963 | 631.725.7437 |